Why is my birthday ticket only valid for the day of my birthday or the following day?

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Kinepolis can only offer free tickets for birthdays with very precise terms and conditions, one of which is the period of validity. Every day, we send hundreds of free tickets via email and as a result, we must reduce the possibility of fraud. By limiting the period of validity, we limit the risk that people may try to use their free ticket more than once. Of course we understand perfectly that you may have something else planned for the day of your birthday, which is why we give you the option of the following day. It is not possible to extend the expiry date of the birthday ticket. Extending this period of validity would making any control impossible. To counter any misuse, our colleagues at the ticket office have to check that the date in your email matches the date of birth on your ID. If they match, and if you go to see a film on your birthday or the following day, our colleagues at the ticket office will gladly exchange your email for your free cinema ticket.