Festivals & Collabs

Kinepolis, including Ciné Utopia and the festivals, are joining forces to offer exclusive screenings of carefully selected films!


Find below all the information about festivals organised at Kinepolis or Ciné Utopia by external organisations.

Mountains on Stage

Mountains on Stage is a mountain film festival. Don't miss the 2024 Summer Edition in Luxembourg!
On the program: the first repeat and free ascent by Charles Dubouloz, Symon Welfringer and Clovis Paulin of the Walker's Directissime in the Grandes Jorasses in winter; the incredible expedition to Greenland among kayak and big wall by a group of 6 canadian led by Bronwyn Hodgins and Jacob Cook; Seb Berthe and Hugo Parmentier's race against the clock to climb 100 7A-rated Fontainebleau boulders; and Franck Tuot and his team's journey to one of Canada's largest caves.

Ocean Film Tour

The unique film event or all those who loves the ocean.  
The International OCEAN FILM TOUR is celebrating its tenth anniversary with the best marine adventures and water sports films of the year. The new program consists of five films and promises a lot of variety and entertainment on the big screen. 
We visit the emerging surf community in Cuba ("Havana Libre"), accompany dedicated environmentalists to the remotest parts of the world ("Older Than Trees", "The Return to Antarctica"), and witness the setting of new records in ice swimming and windsurfing ("Ice Mermaid", "Born To Windsurf"). 

Ciné-Club Hellenique

An arm wrestler who lives in a remote Greek village, tired of the small community mentality, decides to return to Athens. In this journey of adulthood, he will face in a "bras de fer fight" the most difficult opponent, himself.
A poetic character-study of the director’s brother Panos, a 30-year-old cafe-owner, aspiring actor and occasional clown/magician for whom arm-wrestling is essentially a time-consuming side line.