Discover with us the technologies provided by Kinepolis.

Kinepolis wants to offer the best technology available to give customers the fullest sensory experience. Kinepolis has always been at the forefront of technological innovations in order to keep providing to our customers more sensations and pleasure. At Kinepolis you will be able to live the movie as intended by the director.


Bigger. Stronger. Experience the film intensely on a giant screen, accompanied by immersive sound.


4DX draws you into the movie as if you’re living inside its world.

Laser Ultra

Laser Ultra combines the best of two worlds. Dolby Atmos Sound and 4K projection.


The unique 3D technology provides customers with an unforgetable movie experience.

Dolby Atmos

This immersive sound system will impress you.

Dolby 5.1 logo

Dolby 5.1

The Dolby sound system recreates a surround effect that plonges you inside the movie.

HFR logo


Every movies consists of a succession of fixed images. The higher the frame rate, the sharper the movie will appear on your screen.