4DX provides the largest number of multisensory effects in 4D cinema. This cutting-edge technology combined with quality, and distinctive, multisensory effects will provide you with an unforgettable experience. This technology involves seats motions and vibrations with the movie's scenes to bring out real emotions and feelings. Next to that 4DX provides not less than 20 different kinds of signature effects like wind, scents, lighting, and water to create the most outstanding environment for movies. For some movies, 3D technology can be combined with 4DX.

What is this technology?

What you see on the screen, will become an entirely new experience. You will not only see but really feel it. This experience plays the card of absolute immersion thanks to armchairs on cylinders that allow you to reproduce no less than 20 breathtakingly realistic sensations: twirl, fall, jump, turn, roll, tremble…, while adding several effects such as wind, smoke, rain, fog, snow, water projections, ball trajectory, as well as smells.  

Whatever the genre of the film -action, animation, horror, fantasy- this perfectly synchronized technology allows you to experience film scenes in 4DX.  

4DX – Safety Instructions

For a safe and enjoyable experience at the 4DX cinema, please read our safety instructions carefully and respect them.