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How do you sign up to and create your profile on Having a Kinepolis account presents a whole host of advantages. But how do you activate it?

1/ Go to My Kinepolis or click on the register/login tab in the top right-hand corner of the website.

2/ Type your email address in the "Register today!" section. You can also register via your Facebook account. Have you received a message saying that your email address is already registered? This means that you already have an active profile. Click on "Forgotten password" and an automatic email will be sent directly to you via the email address you have provided. Go to your inbox and click on the link provided in the email. Click here to find out how you can continue to edit your profile. You didn't get a message? In that case, an automatic email is sent directly to you via the email address you provided.

3/ Go to your inbox and click on the link provided in the email to activate your profile.

4/ You will then be redirected to a web page. Click on the "Login" button.

5/ On the following page, you can update your password. Create your new password. Enter the name of the Kinepolis cinema that you visit most often and click on "Save". Congratulations! You have activated your My Kinepolis profile! You just have to complete it to benefit from numerous offers.

6/ The homepage on your profile will give you more information. Click on "Access your profile" to indicate your preferences. Start by adding your favourite film genres.

Note: Start with your top favourite genres and countries of origin. Next, on the following pages, you can add your favourite music artists, as well as your favourite sports. That way, we can inform you as soon as we organise an event that corresponds to your tastes. Did you know that last year Kinepolis enabled fans to attend the concerts of their favourite pop and rock stars via the big screen? Your profile becomes more complete as you progress. This percentage is displayed at the top of the page. You will also gain more benefits which are linked to your membership. The higher the percentage, the more advantages you get. Remember to indicate that you wish to receive the Kinepolis newsletter if you want to benefit from all we have to offer you!

7/ Click on "Save and continue" to complete your subscription. The information you have provided will allow us to adapt the newsletters. You will receive a newsletter tailored to your preferences. It is made for you!