How to benefit from this birthday offer?

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To receive your free birthday ticket, all you have to do is complete your 'My Kinepolis' profile to 80% or more, subscribe to our newsletter and have bought a ticket online in the 12 months preceding your birthday. 

Please note: this offer cannot be combined. 

1. Complete your 'My Kinepolis' 80% profile by logging on to this page (

2. After registering, you will automatically receive, a few days before your birthday, an e-mail that you can print out to receive your free ticket to see the film of your choice on your birthday, the following day or the day after your birthday.

3. Come to your Kinepolis on your birthday, the following day or the day after, with the e-mail you received from us and your valid identity card. Please note: to avoid any misuse, your e-mail can only be exchanged for an admission ticket at ticket offices staffed by a Kinepolis cinema employee.