Who can receive the birthday offer from Kinepolis?

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Anyone who has registered online via the Kinepolis.lu website, whose profile is 80% or more complete and who has signed up to our newsletter. For more information and to subscribe or complete your profile, just go to http://kinepolis.lu/monkinepolis. When you will complete your profile, you will see the percentage completed at the top of the page. Note: Your subscription is personal. Only one email address per subscription is allowed. You are not permitted to sign up more than one person with the same email address. Anyone who would like a free ticket for his birthday must register individually with a My Kinepolis profile and an email address which is unique to him. Filling out the date of birth for minors in your personal data is not sufficient to register them. If you want them to automatically receive a free ticket on their birthday too, they must have an email address and a My Kinepolis profile which is unique to them. You can consult this page for more information and conditions in relation to this matter. If you are under 18, ask your parents' permission before completing and sending this form. If you are under 12, ask them to sign you up and complete your profile. Your details will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy.