How to benefit from this birthday offer?

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To receive your free birthday voucher, you just need to create an account or login to and make sure that your profile is 80% or more complete. Remind signing up to the newsletter. That way you will be entitled to all the "My Kinepolis" benefits.

Note: this offer cannot be combined. You can only receive one ticket for your birthday, whether or not you have signed up to a similar offer.

1. Create your account by filling out the online questionnaire. The website will display the % level of your profile that has been completed. Don't forget to indicate that you would like to receive the My Kinepolis newsletter.
You already have a My Kinepolis account? In that case, login to and check that your profile is 80% or more complete and that you have indicated that you wish to receive the newsletter.

2. After creating your account (80% or more complete) you will automatically receive an email, 7 days before your birthday, that you can print out, enabling you to receive your free ticket to see the film of your choice either on your birthday or the following day.

3. Come to your Kinepolis cinema on your birthday or the following day with your email. To receive your free ticket to see the film of your choice, present your printed email with your ID at the ticket office.

The email we send you has a unique code. It can be exchanged for a free ticket (for all versions) to see a film of your choice, subject to availability. Your ticket is not valid for special events such as previews, Ladies' Nights or Opera at the Cinema etc. Your email can only be exchanged for an entry ticket at the ticket office of a Kinepolis partner in Luxembourg. You cannot exchange your email for a ticket at the automatic ticket machines or online.

4. Make your choice: which film* can we offer you for your birthday? Enjoy!

*free ticket for a listed film at Kinepolis, excluding Kinepolis events.