Avant-Première: Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas

The movie poster of Avant-Première: Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas

In the peaceful world of Petit Nicolas, there is Papa (Jean-Paul Rouve), Mom (Audrey Lamy), school, but above all, his group of friends. They are called Les Invincibles, but above all they are inseparable. At least they think so. Because when Dad receives a promotion and announces that the family must move to the south of France, Nicolas’s little world collapses. How can you imagine life without your best friends? Without Alceste’s croissants, Agnan’s glasses, Clotaire’s nonsense, far from their dear wasteland? Helped by his friends, Nicolas sets out in search of a mysterious treasure that could allow him to prevent this terrible move.



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104 minutes



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Julien Rappeneau

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