Which data does Kinepolis collect?

We only gather data related to our products and services. For instance, we will never ask you for your shoe size or your political views - to name but a few random examples.
We actually collect the following categories of data: identification and contact data (your name, e-mail address, preferred language, gender, etc.), payment data (to complete payments), transaction data (the tickets and products you bought), film and cinema related preferences, other preferences (sport, music, culture) and other information you provide us with in relation to your My Kinepolis account or another product (your age, family data, information on your training and professional activities, your photograph). We may also have other information about you that you have submitted during contacts with Kinepolis, e.g. via customer services.
Finally, we also receive data as a result of you using our online services, such as your IP-address, your browser’s type and language setting, etc.