Why do I have to register on kinepolis.lu? What are the advantages of registering?

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By registering, you can benefit from all the advantages that your My Kinepolis account offers. For example, your homepage classifies the films that are showing according to your preferences (those that you will have entered in on your profile).

Your account is full of smart services. You can check the number of seats remaining on your benefits card (Movie Card or Family Card) and check its expiry date at any time. You can also keep an updated list of films you have seen and the list of films you would like to see. You will know when your favourite actor or actress is back on the big screen, when a film from your favourite director is released or if there is a film or an event not to be missed. We will also tell you if you need to do something to receive your free cinema ticket for your birthday, you can also receive your free cinema ticket 7 days prior to your birthday on your profile (if you are entitled to a free ticket).

If you have already opened a My Kinepolis account, log on to discover all the benefits it has to offer!