I would like to be notified of the programme of events organised by Kinepolis. How can I do this?

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By creating your My Kinepolis account, you can communicate to us your favourite film genres and events. We will take this into consideration. We will inform you when there is an upcoming event or film playing that corresponds to your preferences. You can be sure that you won't miss a thing. Do you like ballet or opera? Let us know on your profile and ask to receive the My Kinepolis monthly newsletter. Once signed up, you will receive each month useful information about upcoming performances of Culture at the Cinema at your Kinepolis. Are you interested in a ladies-only evening? Or are you looking for cinema trip ideas with your children? Tell us what appeals to you! We will take your tastes and wishes into consideration! Activate your My Kinepolis profile and make the most of all the advantages that it offers. Discover its numerous advantages here.