How can I find the tickets I purchased online if I didn't receive an email?

You can find the tickets you purchased online via your profile on our website. Follow the instructions below to find your tickets and download them:

1) Log in or create an account with the email address that you used to buy your ticket on (at the top of the page).

Follow these instructions if you are registering for the first time with My Kinepolis:

- Enter your email address in the "I do not yet have an account" tab
- you will see a message in red saying that the email address has already been used.
Click on "Have you forgotten your password?"
- Enter your email address
- Click on the link in the email that has be sent to you to finalise the creation of your account and to check your profile.

2) Go to your profile, click on your name and choose "profile" in the menu that appears

3) Under the "My tickets" tab you will find your tickets.

If you cannot find your tickets on your profile, contact us by clicking on the 'Your question' button below and do not forget to send us the following information:

> If possible: proof of payment (bank statement) on which the number of your screening is specified (transaction notification).
> If you do not have proof of payment: the name of the cinema for which you bought the tickets, the date of the session for which you bought tickets, the session + the time
> The email address with which you bought your tickets online.

We also invite you to contact us:
- from Monday to Sunday, between 10.30 am and 10.00 pm on +352 42 95 11-1 for Kinepolis Kirchberg,
- from Monday to Sunday, between 1.30 pm and 10.00 pm on +352 26 57 20-1 for Kinepolis Belval,
- from Monday to Sunday, between 10.30 am and 10.00 pm on +352 22 46 11 for CinŽ Utopia.
We will ask you for the following information: the chosen cinema, the purchase date, the payment method, the validated codes of your cinema vouchers, Movie Card or Family Card, the email address you registered during the online booking.