How can I buy my tickets online?

Make your choice on Select:
- the film or event;
- the date;
- the cinema;
- the session's time.

After having made your choice, click on 'Buy tickets'. You will then land directly on our online ticket purchasing site. You will be able to specify:
- the number of tickets you wish to buy;
- where you would like to be seated in the screening room;
- your contact details (so that we can send your online ticket to you via email);
- if you would like to pay for your tickets with a cinema voucher, an advantage card (Movie Card, Family Card) or if you have a coupon code (Orange Wednesday).
- How many of your ticket holders are entitled to a reduced tariff (child, student, reduced, ...)

To finish, you choose your payment method. Remember to have your credit card reader ready!

You will be redirected to our secure payment portal where you will be able to finalise the payment.

As soon as the payment has been completed, the transaction confirmation will appear on screen. It contains all the essential details. You can print it out or save it as a PDF. You will also receive this confirmation by email. It's handy if you want to have it on your smartphone to scan the barcode at the entrance. You can also add the confirmation to your Passbook app.