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Do you go to the cinema to laugh out loud, shed a tear, get away from it all or break into goosebumps? Your ‘My Kinepolis’ profile shows you the films that match your preferences. But that’s not all – you also benefit from a whole host of exclusive advantages.

Your Advantages

Advantage #1
A free cinema ticket for your birthday ! What a gift !

You’re a cinema fan. Your profile is at least 80% complete and you have signed up for the ‘My Kinepolis’ newsletter. That’s a wise move. After all, you’ll get a free ticket to see the film of your choice on your birthday, the following day or two days later!

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Advantage #2
Your 100% customised kinepolis homepage

Tell us what (and who) you like to see at the cinema and we will select films and events specially tailored to your tastes! Log in and go straight to your customised homepage set up according to your preferences. It will feature the films and events that match your profile.

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Advantage #3
Share your opinion and rate the films you've seen

You’re a real cinema buff and you like sharing your favourite films? That’s good news! Activate your profile and post your opinions and ratings on the films you’ve seen. You’ll help others to make up their minds. Your opinion matters!

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Advantage #4
Overview of your tickets

You bought your ticket online? Set your mind at rest: even if you delete or lose your confirmation e-mail or your promotional coupon, you can retrieve them instantly and (re-)print them in your ‘My Kinepolis’ profile. Your profile features a list of all tickets purchased over the past 3 months. Handy!

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Advantage #5
Customised newsletters

Sign up to our ‘My Kinepolis’ newsletter and you'll receive a free ticket for your birthday. And much more besides... Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the latest film releases and events, not to mention our not-to-be-missed competitions. You’ll also find your Top 5 of films currently showing that might appeal to you.

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Advantage #6
Films that i've seen

Do you like to have a list of the films you’ve seen? You can archive your film list in your ‘My Kinepolis’ profile. You can view or add to your list at any time. Easy: whenever you buy a ticket online, the relevant film is automatically added to your list.

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Advantage #7
Reiceive our alerts !

Stay logged in to our site. You will receive short messages as soon as something new comes up that is not to be missed!

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Advantage #8
Your wish list of films you want to see

List the films and events you don't want to miss. On our website and in our newsletters, tick the films you want to add to your list of ‘Films I want to see’. In your ‘My Kinepolis’ profile you can also manually search and add films and events to your list.

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Advantage #9
Your top films

We use the details provided in your profile to pinpoint films currently showing that correspond to your tastes. We’ll keep you informed in your personal ‘My Kinepolis’ newsletter. Add more details to your profile for a more accurate selection.

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