Opera at the movies

New York's prestigious Metropolitan Opera opens its doors for a new season of fresh, exciting opera. Performed by artists at the top of their game, the repertoire's treasures and new creations will be presented alongside the best of the current scene.

Let the magic of live performance transport you to the New York Opera! Among the ten performances are no less than seven productions never seen before at the Met, beginning with Cherubini's Medea with Sondra Radvanovsky in the season-opening. In addition, discover the world premiere of the opera The Hours, based on the eponymous novel and featuring a dazzling Fleming-DiDonato-O'Hara trio. New works also include Giordano's rare Fedora, Wagner's theatrical Lohengrin and Blanchard's vibrant Champion. At the end of the season, Mozart's classics Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute are unveiled in unseen stagings. Finally, three must-sees round off this exceptional program: Verdi's La Traviata and Falstaff, and Strauss' The Knight in the Rose with Lise Davidsen.

Program : (Welcome drink 40 minutes before the live sessions)

22/10/22 at 18:55 - Medea                       (Replay on 31/10/22 at 13:45)
05/11/22 at 17:55 - La Traviata                 (Replay on 14/11/22 at 13:45)
10/12/22 at 18:55 - The Hours                  (Replay on 19/12/22 at 13:45)
14/01/23 at 18:55 - Fedora                        (Replay on 23/01/23 at 13:45)
18/03/23 at 17:00 - Lohengrin                 (Replay on 27/03/23 at 13:45)
01/04/23 at 18:30 - Falstaff                       (Replay on 10/04/23 at 13:45)
15/04/23 at 18:00 - Der Rosenkavalier     (Replay on 24/04/23 at 13:45)
29/04/23 at 18:55 - Champion                  (Replay on 08/05/23 at 13:45)
20/05/23 at 18:55 - Don Giovanni             (Replay on 29/05/23 at 13:45)
03/06/23 at 18:55 - Die Zauberflöte          (Replay on 12/06/23 at 13:45)

Kinepolis Kirchberg & Ciné Utopia: Versions with English subtitles (VOst EN)
Kinepolis Belval: Version with french subtitles (VOst FR)

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