Opera at the Movies

New York's prestigious Metropolitan Opera opens its doors to you for a new season full of discoveries, from never-before-seen productions of the great classics to contemporary works that make opera an art form more alive than ever.

From the comfort of your theater seat, travel to Japan or the Amazon River, follow the destinies of characters who have left their mark on history, and vibrate to the rhythm of passionate romances.
Experience the best of today's lyrical creation!
Let the magic of live performance transport you to the New York Opera!


Welcome cocktail* 40 minutes before live performances.

21/10/23 at 18h55 - Dead Man Walking | Repeat on 30/10/23 at 13h45
18/11/23 at 18h55 - X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X | Replay 27/11/23 at 13h45
09/12/23 at 18h55 - Florencia en el Amazonas | Repeat on 18/12/23 at 13h45
06/01/24 at 18h55 - Nabucco | Repeat on 15/01/24 at 13h45
27/01/24 at 18h55 - Carmen | Repeat performance 05/02/24 at 13h45
09/03/24 at 18h00 - La Forza del Destino | Repeat on 18/03/24 at 13h45
23/03/24 at 17h55 - Romeo & Juliet | Repeat on 01/04/24 at 13h45
20/04/24 at 18h55 - La Rondine | Repeat on 29/04/24 at 13h45
11/05/24 at 18h55 - Madame Butterfly | Repeat on 20/05/24 at 13h45

Kinepolis Kirchberg & Ciné Utopia: Versions with English subtitles (VOst EN)
Kinepolis Belval: Version with french subtitles (VOst FR)

Non-refundable ticket.



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