Opera 2020: Tosca

The movie poster of Opera 2020: Tosca

The opera begins as Angelotti, consul of the fallen Roman Republic, escapes from prison and finds refuge within the Church of Sant’Andrea della Valle. As he searches for provisions left behind by his sister, the Marchesa Attavanti, the approach of the church sacristan forces him to hide in the chapel. The sacristan is then joined by painter Mario Cavaradossi, who is working on a painting of Mary Magdalene, having been inspired by a blonde haired woman of great beauty who has been praying fervently at the church. When the sacristan leaves, Angelotti reveals himself to Cavaradossi, imploring his old friend to help him escape the pursuit of Baron Scarpia, Chief of Police. Cavaradossi gives Angelotti a basket of food and promises his assistance, hiding once again at the arrival of opera singer Floria Tosca.

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197 minutes



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