Opera 2020: Agrippina

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In the first representation of Agrippina by the Met, the political satire of sex and power written by Haendel, Sir David McVicar updates a production he had originally created for the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels in 2000, evoking a scandalous world in which the Roman Empire did not collapse but continued to the present. Presenting contemporary society through the prism of a distorted mirror (as Haendel did when he directed this opera), the production presents the corrupt intrigues of the political classes, animated by Joyce DiDonato as a thirsty empress of power, Agrippina, Brenda Rae plays the seductive strategist Poppée and Kate Lindsey takes on the role of Nero, the reckless adolescent. Iestyn Davies represents the ambitious officer Othon and Matthew Rose is Emperor Claudius, whose vacant throne on which Agrippina is determined to settle his son. Renowned for his interpretations of the baroque repertoire, Harry Bicket is in charge of the direction.

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