Come celebrate your BIRTHDAY with your friends !

Important information :

In accordance with the instructions of the relevant authorities, we have taken all necessary measures so that you can enjoy a moment of relaxation safely.

13,60€ *
1 cinema ticket + 1 x 5€ voucher for the bar

The anniversary session is not valid for special events, previews, etc.

Belval &
Ciné Utopia
Terms &
  • The anniversary session is possible for a film of your choice according to the current programming. The legal age for the film applies.
  • Valid with a minimum of 8 children under 12 years old (with those celebrating their birthday).
  • Package offered to those celebrating their birthday (entry + voucher 5 €).
  • An adult must be present for the entire duration of the event (we decline any responsibility in the event in case of an accident), accompanying adults pay the usual rate.
  • Usual supplements (3D movie and/or long movie - including the purchase of 3D glasses).
  • The 5 € voucher valid at the Shop cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash and is only valid on the day of the party. (No money back).
  • No external food or drink can be brought into the cinemas.
 at Kinepolis
Kirchberg &
Ciné Utopia
at Kinepolis
  • Payment the same day at the cashdesk.
  • Welcome point: Main entrance near cashdesk.

Downloadable documents:

Form:   Kinepolis Belval   Kinepolis Kirchberg   Ciné Utopia
Invitation in French:   Kinepolis Belval   kinepolis Kirchberg   Ciné Utopia
Invitation in German:   Kinepolis Belval   Kinepolis Kirchberg   Ciné Utopia