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Two wives are not cheating? Janek (Piotr Adamczyk) leads a double life - he is the husband of Basia (Anna Dereszowska), with whom she lives in Warsaw and ... Marysia (Weronika Książkiewicz), with whom she shares a beautiful house on the outskirts of the capital. None of the women knows anything about the existence of the other. Thanks to the skilful maneuvering between two wives, everything sorts out ... until one day, Janek's head gets additional, extra-marital trouble. The risk that one of his loved ones will learn about a double relationship increases dramatically, and the hero no longer has excuses to hide the truth. Fortunately, his friend Staszek (Adam Woronowicz) helps him. The avalanche of events, mistakes and twists will surpass them many times ... and this is just the beginning. Every male lie conceived of immediately will have colossal effects!


Comédie romantique


113 minutes



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  • 2D: Kirchberg

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