Opera Live 2022: Rigoletto

The movie poster of Opera Live 2022: Rigoletto

Based on Victor Hugo's famous play The King is Amusing, Rigoletto helped make Verdi an operatic icon. The Met hosts a new production of this ruthless tragedy, set in a hushed, Art Deco Europe of the 1920s, with baritone Quinn Kelsey leading the cast in the commanding title role.

The Story
At a costume ball, the jester Rigoletto humiliates guests who are victims of the shameless seducer Duke of Mantua. To make him pay for his mockery, Rigoletto's enemies set out to capture his daughter Gilda, whom they believe to be his mistress. When the jester realizes that he has been the target of an evil trick, he decides to take revenge with the help of the brigand Sparafucile.

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206 minutes

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