Terms & Conditions Kinepolis Student Card


The Kinepolis Student Card 2021-2022 is a card (digital) issued by Kinepolis Group, which allows its holder, after activation, to benefit from a reduced rate on his/her cinema ticket in all Kinepolis cinemas in Luxembourg, up to a maximum of one ticket per day. The Kinepolis Student Card also offers other advantages. These advantages can be found on the www. kinepolis.lu/KSC website.

This card is free and can be obtained by students who meet the conditions for obtaining the card, after registration and activation of their profile on kinepolis.lu/KSC. The code for the Kinepolis Student Card will be sent to you by e-mail and is also available in your "My Kinepolis" profile on kinepolis.lu.

The Kinepolis Student Card is nominative and its use is strictly personal. It cannot be transferred to third parties. Kinepolis reserves the right at any time to verify, in Kinepolis cinemas, that the identity of the cardholder corresponds to the name indicated on the Kinepolis Student Card. Kinepolis may also verify other criteria, such as the student's age and/or official student card from the school or university.

In the event of abuse, Kinepolis reserves the right to deactivate the student's Kinepolis Student Card.



The following people are eligible to obtain a Kinepolis Student Card :

Students :

  • Graduate students (university or non-university).
  • or who are following a seventh year or a year of specialization.
  • or who are taking evening classes.
  • and who are at least 17 years of age and no more than 30 years of age, attending day or evening classes.
  • and who can prove by means of an official document from the school or university that they are attending the said institution: official student card or certificate of registration for the year 2021-2022.

Students who meet these criteria can apply for their Kinepolis Student Card by following the procedure below :

  1. The student activates a 'My Kinepolis' profile.
  2. The student completes the registration form on www.kinepolis.lu/KSC with his/her personal data. He/she also mentions his/her personal and unique e-mail address.
  3. Kinepolis will send him/her an e-mail confirming the registration. a. The code of your Kinepolis Student Card will be sent to you by e-mail and can also be found in your "My Kinepolis" profile at www.kinepolis.lu. The student only needs to be able to present his or her official student card as a check on the next visit to the cinema. b. If the student already has a Kinepolis Student Card, he/she can renew it at kinepolis.lu/KSC. He/she only needs to be able to present his/her official student card as a control on his/her next visit to the cinema.

Kinepolis will not provide an activated Kinepolis Student Card in the following cases :

  • invalid e-mail address
  • 2 registrations under one and the same e-mail address
  • not presenting a valid student card
  • the student does not meet the conditions specified above.

The possible registration period runs until the end of August 2022 or while stocks last. Kinepolis cannot be held responsible in the event of exhaustion of stock.




This applies only to students who are in possession of a Kinepolis Student Card.

Participation in the contests is only possible if the student has given his/her consent to receive the Kinepolis Student Card Newsletter when registering. Participation in contests is subject to specific conditions (see rules of the contest in question).



The student can directly (upon receipt of the Kinepolis Student Card) benefit from the advantages of the card. The card is valid for the duration of the academic year 2021-2022, from September 15, 2021, to September 30, 2022, included, provided that the student continues to meet the conditions during this period. After this period, the student must extend his/her Kinepolis Student Card by presenting his/her official student card at the cash desks with staff.



The Kinepolis Student Card is unique and personal. The Kinepolis Student Card code is included in the confirmation email you received when you ordered your card and is also available in your "My Kinepolis" profile on kinepolis.lu.



All the information concerning the reduction of the cinema ticket price upon presentation of the Kinepolis Student Card, as well as the other advantages of the card, are indicated on the website www.kinepolis.lu/KSC. Kinepolis reserves the right to change rates and benefits at any time.

One of the benefits for Kinepolis Student Card holders is a free movie ticket for one screening on their birthday or the next day.

In order to receive this ticket, the birthday person must have an activated Kinepolis Student Card and subscribe to the Kinepolis Student Card Newsletter.

The free birthday ticket is available via the 'My Kinepolis' profile. The birthday boy or girl can, on the day of his or her birthday or the day after his or her birthday, receive the free ticket for a session of his or her choice on the same day, by presenting the printed page with a barcode and his or her identity card, at the cash desk of a Kinepolis in Luxembourg. This ticket is not valid for events and cannot be combined with other actions.



As the person responsible for the processing of your personal data, Kinepolis always processes your personal data in accordance with the regulations in force on the respect of privacy. Kinepolis processes your personal data for legal purposes and reasons as stated on our Kinepolis website(s) under the heading "Privacy Policy".

For more information about our data retention, profiling, and transmission of data to third parties involved in the provision of services, we refer you to our Privacy Policy.

You have the right to object to certain processing mentioned in our Privacy Policy by selecting the appropriate function in your My Kinepolis account.

You also have the right to review, rectify, restrict, delete, and the right of portability of data as described in our Privacy Policy. To do so, simply select it via the function provided for this purpose in your My Kinepolis account. You can easily view and modify your information by logging into your My Kinepolis account. 


If the total number of available Kinepolis Student Cards is depleted, Kinepolis will close the sale and remove the registration and application form from its site. Students will be notified at www.kinepolis.lu/KSC and no more cards will be distributed after that date.



Registration and activation of the Kinepolis Student Card, as well as its use, implies automatic and unrestricted adherence to these rules.