Pat'Patrouille Party

Immerse yourself in the colorful and captivating world of The Patrol at our "Patrol Party" sessions at Kinepolis Kirchberg on October 1st!

Join us for a thrilling adventure featuring :
A great movie
Entertainment for children (face painters, balloons, bouncy castle, games)
Meet their favorite characters Stella and Chase
And many other surprises for an unforgettable time at Kinepolis Kirchberg!
Sessions :
(Attention, different versions depending on the program)
09:30 Animations - 10:15 Film
10h45 Animations - 11h30 Film

Enjoy 45 minutes of entertainment before the film. The time shown on the ticket is the time of the event, which means you need to arrive at Kinepolis Kirchberg to take full advantage of the surprises.

Paw Patrol : The Mighty Movie
Film available in German, French and Portuguese versions)

When a magical meteorite crashes on Aventureville, it gives the Pat' Patrouille powers, transforming them into the Super Patrol! For Stella, the smallest member of the team, having powers is a dream come true. But things take a turn for the worse when Mr. Hellinger, our friends' sworn enemy, escapes from prison and joins forces with a mad scientist to steal these new powers for himself. With Aventureville's fate now hanging in the balance, the Super Patrol must stop the super-villains before it's too late. Stella will discover that even the smallest dog can make the biggest difference.

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