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Kinepolis Privé - Kinepolis Play
An exclusive cinema experience 
Privatize a room for you and 9 loved ones, friends or colleagues.
Who wouldn't dream of having a private room just for themselves and their friends ? That's what « Kinepolis Privé » offers you!
You book a room just for you and max. 9 friends, loved ones or colleagues ? Just imagine it... you will be able to see exclusive movies among our programming or play your favorite game on the big screen. You can enjoy the unique cinema experience with the XXL screen and comfortable seats. Admit it... you miss it. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy this amazing experience in complete safety with your friends, family and colleagues
We charge a fixed price of 199 EUR for the rental of the room, regardless of the number of guests. It's up to you to decide whether you want to see the film or play on big screen alone, with 5 or 10 people...
Ready for a great movie night with only the people you care about ? Plus receive a surprise goodie.

After payment, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with a unique code for your entire group. 
You all need to be present at the same time at the checkpoint.


How many people can come to a "Kinepolis Privé" session?
The room is privatized for a number of 1 to 10 people maximum.
Does the rate change according to the number of people present?
No, the rate is a fixed price.
Can I choose the movie that is projected on the cinema screen?
The Kinepolis website provides a list of the movies you can choose to watch during a " Kinepolis Privé " session. This is a selection of recent movies. It is not possible to book a movie outside of this selection.
Is it possible to come at another time?
No, the available times are indicated in the programming.
How far in advance can I book a "Kinepolis Privé" session?
You can reserve a session up to two weeks in advance and up to a maximum of 3 days before it.
Can I cancel or modify my " Kinepolis Privé " session?
No, cancellation and modification after payment are not possible.

Can I bring my own food into the room?
No, as with regular film screenings, it is not permitted to bring food or beverages from outside.

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