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Djam, a young Greek woman, is sent to Istanbul by her uncle Kakourgos, a former sailor and passionate fan of Rebetiko, on a mission to find a rare engine part for their boat. There she meets Avril, 19, who came from France to volunteer with refugees, ran out of money, and knows no one in Turkey. Generous, sassy, unpredictable and free, Djam takes Avril under her wing on the way to Mytilene - a journey made of music, encounters, sharing and hope.

 A female road movie set between Greece and Turkey, that looks at current cultural, social and economic issues that afflict that part of Europe today, but that also celebrates the traditional Greek song form rebetiko.

 A road movie with two young female protagonists who seek their heritage, as well as their destination, in the East of the Mediterranean: through the paths of rebetiko music and the refugees’ itineraries. Djam, an impulsive Greek of the Diaspora is looking all over Istanbul for a rare engine part for her uncle’s fishing boat and meets Avril, a shy French woman who has come to Turkey as a volunteer, but gets into trouble. As their destinies cross, the ecstasy of music will lead them into a journey towards freedom.

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Crimea. As it was.

A story of the officers, soldiers and seamen who have not betrayed their oath of loyalty to the people of Ukraine during the takeover of Crimea. This is a film about a military honor, in the midst of undeclared war.

It is the first Ukraine-produced full-length documentary film about the annexation of Crimea by Russia made by Babylon’13 – a team of documentary filmmakers.

Unique documentary footage and real-life stories of the sailors, pilots, troopers and marines who stood off the occupants is to answer the question “Why did we give up Crimea?” to one part of the audience as well as to make another part think of peninsula’s future.

It’s for the first time since the events in Crimea took place that both Ukrainian and international audience will have a chance to look in the eyes of the people who were ready to defend territorial integrity of their fatherland under complicated circumstances till the end and keep doing it these days. The film also gives an insight into what was happening inside the surrounded military bases and at the blocked warships. The film team is looking at the historic developments in Crimea through the life stories of Ukrainian servicemen who remained loyal to their oath. “Crimea.As It Was” narrates highest human values: honor, loyalty to oath and courage.

The documentary was also presented at the Berlinale 2016 as part of the Ukrainian Film Corner.

The film was produced with support by the NATO Information and Documentation Centre.

Partners of the project are: Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Euro Maidan Canada, KWA Sound Production (technical partner) and the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

Film director: Kostiantyn Kliatskin
Duration: 125 min
Language: UKR/RUS with ENGLISH subtitles 

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Festival du Cine Español au Luxembourg

¡De película 2019! Campeones, El Reino, Tiempo después and many more...

We are delighted to introduce here the programme of the 20th edition of the Spanish Film Festival: The Festival covers 10 sessions screening 9 movies, all of them released in the course of 2018. Among them: comedies, dramas, thrillers, love stories… Films to make you think, to make you laugh and to make you cry, a bit for every taste…

The festival will host the Goya award winner and other outstanding and awarded films of the year, all in original version, with subtitles either in English or French. Every session will be preceded by a short film, including shorts by Sorogoyen or Fesser…

Don’t miss this opportunity to see great cinema in great company.

 More information here: Web

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Ocean Film Tour - March

A unique cinema event for all those who love the sea : the International OCEAN FILM TOUR puts the beauty of the sea on the big screen. The International OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 6 is on its way: the programme consists of 5 to 7 short movies,  with the best ocean adventures and environmental documentaries on board, 120 minutes packed with the most inspiring stories from the seven seas and the best water sports action of the year.

Starting mid-march in Germany, the Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 6 goes on tour to 14 different countries, with more than 150 stops. Preview in Luxembourg : 30th march 2019. Watch the trailer here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itNAVRJdSS8&t=1s

Buy your tickets here : https://be.oceanfilmtour.com/en/tickets/details/event-international-ocean-film-tour-2019-kinepolis-2019-03-30_19-00/