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Le ciné-club hellénique vous invite, par la présente, de donner publicité à ses séances du mardi 18 juin à 19h00 et du mercredi 19 juin à 21h00 au cinéma UTOPIA avec la comédie DANS CE PAYS, PERSONNE NE SAVAIT PLEURER (Titre original, Σ’ΑΥΤΗ ΤΗ ΧΩΡΑ ΚΑΝΕΙΣ ΔΕΝ ΗΞΕΡΕ ΝΑ ΚΛΑΙΕΙ, Grèce, 2018, 90 min, couleur) de Giorgos Panoussopoulos en version originale grecque avec des sous-titres en anglais. Enfants admis à partir de 16 ans.

Bande annonce  https://vimeo.com/281133451

In this unconventional comedy, filmed in Ikaria, a French member of the European Parliament and his assistant, a Greek economist, end up in Armenaki, an islet lost somewhere in the Aegean Sea. They are there in an official political mission and obstinate to finish the work as soon as possible. However, the place and its residents are said to be miraculous and able to change people's lives. A spiral of unforeseen events we'll not let them go and force both to reconsider their way of thinking and living. They meet with a visionary teacher and a rugged widow and let themselves get carried away by the vortex of love. They finally decide to live in freedom.

Without roads, money or banks Armenaki is a paradise for easy-going, flirtatious, fun-loving people. A comedy full of summer, a healthy amount of madness, love and passion for life.

Margarita Panousopoulou, Babis Xatzidakis, Foteini Tsakiri, Yannis Hatziyannis, Valeria Christodoulidou, Stavros Mermigis, Serge Requet-Barville

Le réalisateur
Giorgos Panoussopoulos, born in 1942 lives and works in Athens. In 1978  he directed his first feature film, Honeymoon, and since 1968 he has filmed seven feature films and over a thousand commercial spots as director, cinematographer and producer. He has worked with many distinguished directors such as Pantelis Voulgaris, Theo Aggelopoulos and Nikos Perakis.


Shot by Stratis Chatzielenoudas, “Back to the Top” chronicles the never-give-up attitude of Leonidas, a wheelchair-bound punk band drummer in his early 30s who sets out to conquer the 2,917-meter peak of Mount Olympus with the help of a bunch of good friends.
Trailer: Back to the Top
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