Festivals & Cycles


We are happy to announce that this year CinEast will take place from 7 to 24 October, once again as a ”hybrid edition” combining regular screenings in cinemas and content available online. We hope, however, that, as much as possible, you will be joining them at the physical screenings & encounters.

The main festival theme #DreamsOfEscape will provide a reflection on various forms of their hopes for a change, distraction, or getaway. The theme will be reflected in numerous films (documentaries and fiction), an extensive photo exhibition at neimënster, and several debates.

#CinEast will take all necessary sanitary precautions at screenings & events so that we can all enjoy and allow ourselves to dream, discuss and socialize.

Ciné Hellénique - TAILOR

Upcoming: Ciné Hellénique, Tuesday 26th October at 19h00 and Wednesday 27th October at 21h00 in Ciné Utopia with the film TAILOR from Sonia Liza Kenterman, in original greek version with English subtitles.

TAILOR is a coming-of-old-age story set against the economic crisis in Greece. It tells the story of Nikos, a master tailor, who doesn’t really fit in the world and is withdrawn into the attic of his father’s tailoring shop. With the shop about to be repossessed and his father suddenly taken ill, the imaginative Nikos decides to take action: since customers no longer come to his shop, then he will take his shop to them. He builds a wondrously strange bricolage coach—a tailor shop on wheels—and navigates the streets of Athens to sell his wares. After a rocky start, he finds success in the poor outskirts, where life seems not to have changed for over a century. He begins to thrive, specializing in exquisite, unique, and inexpensive wedding dresses. He reinvents himself and finds his place in the world.