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You are between 13-26 years old and would like to raise awarenes of discrimination in society in a very creative way?  then participate to the national short film competition. You can create a short film with your smartphone or tablet and submit it until 1st June. 

This project is called "Discrimination of the pockets", realised by Maison des Associations and is supported and financed by the department of Integration of the Ministry of Family affairs Integration and the Greater region.  

For more info find us at pocketfilms.lu or follow us on instagram @pocketfilmslu


Genre: Documentary
Duration: 94 min.
Country: Lithuania
Director: Andrius Lekavičius

Sunday, May 15 at Ciné Utopia, 5:00 pm
The film "Kernagis" is the first documentary about maestro Vytautas Kernagis. This is the confession of one of the most famous Lithuanian artists. This film is like a diary for his entire generation. And the testimony of how irreplaceable he is.

Director Andrius Lekavičius invites viewers to enter the world of maestro V. Kernagis, which is open for the first time. As well he thanks the intimate and invisible family archive. "Everyone thought that they know Kernagis. But he revealed himself only to his family and very close friends. Maestro was convinced that artist must always be mysterious. And he remained mysterious until his death. Therefore, today this film is apparently the only way to know him and look at him with his own eyes. To make sure how irreplaceable he was and is”, - says the film's director.

Son of maestro Vytautas Kernagis Vytautas - will take part in the presentation of the film. They will share memories, unheard stories, tell how the idea for the film was born, what was the hardest part, what new things they found about their father, and will answer questions of the audience.