Festivals & Cycles


Upcoming Ciné Hellénique : Tuesday 24th September at 19h00 and Wednesday 25th September at 21h00 in Ciné Utopia with the film PERFECT STRANGERS

Each one of us has got three lives: a public, a personal and a secret one. Our lives, which used to be safe in our memories and our personal files are now locked in our cell phones’ SIM cards. What if this small plastic object could speak? What would it reveal? How much does this "black box" of our lives define us?

The story unfolds during a full moon night. Seven friends meet up for dinner and Martha, the psychologist, proposes to play a game: everybody should leave their cell phones on the table so that everybody can check the calls and the messages reaching the devices.

Deep secrets will come to the surface, shaking their lives and threatening their relationships.

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Friday 20 September at 19h00 in Ciné Utopia the Estonian documentary AHTO. CHASING A DREAM. After the screening, the director Jaanis Valk will give a lecture about both the filming process as well as the life and sea journeys of Ahto Valter.

The movie is in Estonian and English, with the subtitles in English and Estonian, as well. Unfortunately, the lecture will be only in Estonian, but consists of a great number of expressive photos and slides. With the help of an Estonian friend, it could be followed without the perfect knowledge of Estonian language.

On a sunny day in November 1938, a magnificent white schooner set sail from Greenwich with 14 people on board. Among other wealthy passengers from US, Canada and England there is also a young Estonian Captain Ahto Valter, his Scottish-American wife and their one and a half years old son Teddy "Baby in cage" Walter.

With a crew of adventurers chosen from 5,000 applicants in the United States, the 70-ton auxiliary ketch Ahto starts a memorable and adventurous voyage around the world, flying under the Estonian flag. The voyage that lasted 18 months and was full of happiness, love and joy, but also betrayal and war. After returning from a long trip back to America Ahto founds out that the world he left 1.5 years ago is not the same anymore – he can never return to his homeland Estonia.

This colourful journey around the world will open in front of us thanks to Ahto's diary and unique footage that was shot during the trip. A dramatic story of a man who overcomes a mutiny on his ship, accidents at sea, headwind, reefs and the beginning of World War II. Everything to fulfil his dream.

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British and Irish Film Festival Luxembourg – 13th to 22nd September 2019

The 10-day event will screen 16 new feature-length films from Britain and Ireland over ten days from Friday 13 September until Sunday 22 September 2019.

Audiences will also have the privilege of meeting actors, directors and producers at a number of the events,

For more information on ticket pricing and purchase of tickets for individual screenings, please visit www.bifilmseason.lu, with tickets being sold this year from www.luxembourg-ticket.lu. Ticketing will also be available at the venues prior to screenings, depending on availability.