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Upcoming Ciné Hellénique : Tuesday 19th November at 19h00 and Wednesday 20th November at 21h00 in Ciné Utopia with the film "WHEN TOMATOES MET WAGNER"

The film is a story about an ordinary rural community, where things start to happen in an extraordinary way. After centuries of introversion, the tomato stirs up life in the village and its thirty three elderly inhabitants respond to a new reality. On top of this, Alexandros plays Wagner in the tomato fields to help them grow, uses stories to market the products and convinces people from all over the world to visit Elias. With humour and poetry, When Tomatoes Met Wagner speaks to us about the power of human relationships and the importance of reinventing oneself during difficult times. A humorous and uplifting story of two ingenuous Greek cousins, who tackle the world market with their organic tomato products.

Elias, a small farming village in central Greece, is dying out. But two cousins team up with the village grannies to cultivate the tomato seeds they have kept for hundreds of years. With a little help from Wagner’s music –which they use to help their tomatoes grow– the team succeeds to export little jars with organic tomato recipes across the world. The film follows the protagonists of this unlikely quest, as they struggle to survive and make their dream come true. Humorous and bittersweet, this is a story about the importance of reinventing oneself in times of crisis and the power of human relationships. 


Le mercredi 20 novembre, à 19h (accueil dès 18h30) sera diffusé le film Le sentier d'Anaconda, d'Alessandro Angulo Brandestini, dans le cadre du festival international CinéMaTerre, organisé par l'Institut européen d'écologie, et dont la 2e édition se déroule à Metz du 21 au 24 novembre.

Le sentier d'Anaconda s'intéresse aux efforts pour sauver la forêt amazonienne du nord de la destruction, établissant un corridor écologique reliant les Andes à l'Océan Atlantique, en traversant huit pays. Il met aussi en images des souvenirs et des réflexions sur la jungle. Près de 50 ans après s'être serrés main pour la première fois, l'écrivain et explorateur Wade Davis, auteur du livre Le Fleuve, et l'anthropologue Martin Von Hildebrand, qui a consacré sa vie à la protection de l'Amazone, se retrouvent pour un voyage de découverte sur les traces parcourues auparavant par le légendaire ethno-botaniste Richard Evans Schultes. 

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The Path of the Anaconda narrates the memories and reflections about the jungle, but also the final effort to save the northern Amazon forest from destruction, establishing an ecological corridor that connect the Andes Mountains with the Atlantic Ocean throughout eight countries. Almost 50 years after shaking hands for the very first time, The writer and explorer Wade Davis, author of the book The River, and anthropologist Martin Von Hilde-brand, who has devoted his life to protecting the Amazon, meet again to carry out a trip up the rivers and paths that were traveled earlier by the legendary botanist Evan Schultes.